Independence Blue Cross Student PPO Plan

Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia has introduced a new PPO plan targeting students in the Philadelphia area in particular and the entire USA in general. The Independence Blue Cross Student PPO plan will increase Blue Cross coverage of Colleges and Universities in the area.

Independence Blue Cross is currently covering over two-third of the faculty and staff of universities in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The IBC Student PPO plan will be made available to students in the beginning of August 2010 – at the onset of fall semester. With the new health care reform bill – Affordable Health Care Act, student now have several options for health insurance and can now be covered under their parents plans up to the age of 26.

However, a student PPO plan might be the most affordable. Among some of the benefits of the Student PPO plan is website for students to get information about their account and other changes, 24 hours a day nurse helpline, discounts for healthy life styles, care for students with special health needs and incentives for preventive measures.

Students enrolled in the plan will have access to a network of over 55,000 doctors and specialists and about 100 hospitals and medical facilities. Students attending colleges and university outside of Southeastern Philadelphia will have access to in-network health coverage across the U.S. through the BlueCard PPO network, which includes over 676,000 physicians and over 5,500 medical facilities.

On an international level BlueCard offers health care and emergency travel services around the world.

Alternative to Hard Waiver Insurance

With an increasing number of Universities in the U.S. implementing  hard waiver insurance rules, students seeking an alternative can opt into the Student Blue Cross PPO plan. Hard waiver is a rule that requires students to purchase health insurance before they can be enrolled in college. PPO plans are an affordable choice for students who are required to be covered

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