What Is Annual Maximum Rollover On PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Many people are familiar with the term rollover but few can associate it with health insurance. Most only apply the term to cell phone use. In this case used time for a month of service in rollover to the subsequent month.  In a rollover dental insurance unused annual maximum or unused annual benefits are carried over to the next year.

If in a given year that the annual coverage ceilings are met or surpassed, the prior year unused maximum can be tap into. Guardian life Insurance, an Insurance company with over 70,900 dentists and dental professionals within its PPO network, was the first to give insurers the option of the rollover dental insurance .

Maximum Rollover or Maximum Rollover Account gives workers covered under the PPO plan added flexibility of managing their dental cost by moving expenses from one year of unused coverage to other years of extra health cost. Given the priority dental care plays in the competitive employment market, most companies would like to provide added health benefits to their employees without an increase in budget.

Maximum Rollover gives employers that added edge in attracting quality employees that are concerned about good health insurance. Last year those who were insured by Guardian rollover more than $380 million. Since introduction, Guardian have created over 9 different Maximum Rollover options with limits that are up to 50% less than tradition PPO dental plans.

How Does Maximum Rollover Work

Let’s assume that a dental plan has an annual claims limit of 2000, the highest amount one can claim during a year’s visit to the dentist. If the insured only used $1000, then half of the remaining $1000 unused coverage, in this case $500, is rollover to the subsequent year coverage, bringing the annual claims limit to $2,500.

There is, however, a limit to the annual maximum benefit that can be built up. In the case of Guardian, up to 50%.

In addition, if the insured exclusively used only Preferred Providers or in-network dental specialist and dentist the annual rollover increases by an astonishing $100 to $350.

Table below illustrates scenerio with $2000 Maximum Rollover and $350 incentive for in-network service

1 $1000 no $500 $500
2 $2200 no $0 $300
3 $2500 yes $350 $150
4 $700 no $50 $1000

Since maximum rollover savings can increase continually, this can be a great benefit to employees. What is more unusual about these plans is that there are very few limits for coverage. Companies with groups as small as two people can be covered.

Apart from Guardian, Mutual of Omaha has also introduced a Dental PPO insurance plans with annual maximum rollover or (MRA). To be eligible the insured has to submit a claim that did not exceed the annual maximum.

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